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Municipal and Rural Water Level Control 1644


The Well Control tolerates temporary variations in water pressure due to surges and usage. The pump will not start until there is a constant low pressure level for 2-3 (variable) minutes (OFF TIME). This insures the pumps are activated only when necessary. Once the pump is turned on, it remains on for a preset period of time--up to 24 hours (ON TIME). During the pump cycle, the control does not rely on water pressure measurements to indicate if the reservoir is full. This feature eliminates sporadic pumping due to pressure variations created during the pumping cycle.This combination of exacting pressure sensors and precise timing provides a very economical means of controlling community water system reservoir levels.

Well Control Warranty

The Herrin Design 1644 Well Control is a quality product. If proven to be defective in workmanship or materials within 2 years from the date of purchase, it will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's option at the factory. Warranty service on
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More information about the Model 1644 Water System Level Control

Installing and maintaining a tank or reservoir water level sensing device can be expensive for small community systems. The cost of maintaining underground wiring, leasing telephone lines or maintaining radio links can accumulate to significant cost levels in just a few years. The Model 1644 provides the means to reliably sense tank water level by measuring the water pressure at the well head. This gives the advantage of having all the controls for the water system in one place, eliminating the communication link between the reservoir and the pumps. With very little loss in accuracy, The Model 1644 Control uses accurate pressure sensing in combination with precise timing to provide a reliable, economical alternative for small community water systems.

This Water Level Control is primarily used for the monitoring and control of reservoir water levels for municipal and rural water districts. It is an affordable and reliable way for these municipal and rural water distircts to precisely monitor water levels and to ensure their water systems remain at the proper levels over time.

  • No remote sensors

  • No telephone lines

  • No radio links

  • No buried cables

The Herrin Design Model 1644 Well System Pump Control is designed to provide a cost effective means of controlling water system reservoir levels. Through precise monitoring, the Well Control is able to reliably sense reservoir water levels by measuring water pressure at the well head. By monitoring reservoir levels at the well head, it is possible to mount the water system controls in one location, eliminating the costly communications link--leased lines or buried cables--between reservoir level sensors and the pumps. Typically, mechanical sensors at the reservoir deteriorate or are broken frequently due to weather; and communications lines are a large, continued expense.