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Model HD 3011 Tide Gauge


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Herrin Design’s Model HD3011 Tide Gauge is an ocean tide monitoring system designed for use in dredging, on ships, on survey vessels or for any other application where accurate tidal data is required.

The tide gauge system has two components, a transmitter and a receiver which communicate using a radio link. The transmitter uses a sensitive pressure transducer to measure precise changes in tide levels. The tide level is displayed at the transmitter panel and is also stored, in transmitter memory. The information is simultaneously sent, by the radio link, to the remote receiver. The receiver displays the tide reading, makes a hard copy of the tide, time, date and the identification code of the transmitting unit. A port is available for sending the data to a PC or other peripheral device.

The HD3011 Tide Gauge is compatible with the popular Hazen Model HTG5000 Tide Gauge. There are specific sections in the operating manual that deal with using the HD3011 transmitter with the HTG5000 receiver and for using the HD3011 receiver with the HTG5000 transmitter.

The HD3011 Tide Gauge transmitter is a self-contained data logger. It is powered by a rechargeable lead-acid battery pack capable of up to 6 months operation between charges. The HD3011 transmitter measures tide changes using a precise pressure sensor, housed in a titanium/delrin case. This sensor can detect tidal changes as small as +/-0.01 feet. This tidal information is shown on a Liquid Crystal Display on the front panel of the HD3011 Tide Gauge transmitter. The transmitter can also store up to 4600 records for direct downloading to a terminal or computer. Using a rugged synthesized radio link it can transmit real-time tide data to a receiver on a dredge, survey boat or other remote location several miles distant. The HD3011 transmitter is designed to withstand a harsh environment.

The HD3011 receiver receives and records data from the HD3011 Tide Gauge transmitter. It displays tide data at the receiver terminal. The large, backlighted display is easy to read but unobtrusive in night time operations. The receiver provides a hard copy of the tide data including date, time, tide level and the identification code of the transmitter sending the data. It also monitors and will report a low battery condition at the transmitter. It can also send data to a terminal or computer using standard RS232C protocols.

Its small size and its versatile over or under mounting bracket simplifies receiver installation.

The 3011 system comes with a ninety day warranty against all manufacturing defects.

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