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Tide Gauge Systems

Tide Gauges provide perhaps the most fundamental of all marine measurements - accurate tidal information. This is critical for Port & Harbour Operations, Dredging, Surveying, instrumentation deployments, and many other applications.

If you are looking for tide gauge equipment that can be deployed for either shore based or offshore / seabed applications, Herrin Design and Manufacturing can offer exceptional equipment and service.

Our Tide Gauge system is extremely reliable and has been used by both government agencies and private businesses for decades.

We offer service and repair of Hazen Tide Gauges, and offer the newer Herrin Design Model HD 3011 for those looking to replace their older tide gauges with something more technologically up-to-date. Visit our Tide Gauge page to see more information and for technical specs for the HD3011 Tide Gauge.

Use Solar Power to keep your Tide Gauge operational with the new Model SC3050 2.5 watt Solar Charger. The Solar Charger will maintain your tide gauge battery indefinitely. It is designed to be easily installed in the field. Its rugged steel, powder-coated case can be mounted on horizontal or vertical surfaces. Works with both the Model HTG5000 and the Model HD3011 tide gauge

More information about the Tide Gauge Solar Charger…


Water Level Control

This Water Level Control is primarily used for the monitoring and control of reservoir water levels for municipal and rural water districts.

It is an affordable and reliable way for these public water distircts to precisely monitor water levels and to ensure their water systems remain at the proper levels over time.

The Herrin Design Model 1644 Well System Pump Control is designed to provide a cost effective means of controlling water system reservoir levels. Through precise monitoring, the Well Control is able to reliably sense reservoir water levels by measuring water pressure at the well head.

By monitoring reservoir levels at the well head, it is possible to mount the water system controls in one location, eliminating the costly communications link--leased lines or buried cables--between reservoir level sensors and the pumps. Typically, mechanical sensors at the reservoir deteriorate or are broken frequently due to weather; and communications lines are a large, continued expense.



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