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About Herrin Design and Manufacturing Company. James R. Herrin, Owner. Premier manufacturer of time gauges and we'll control systems.

About the Owner, Jim Herrin

Owner Jim Herrin began his electronics career in 1957 with a four year stint as Radioman for the U.S. Navy. From 1961 to 1968 he pursued a degree in electrical engineering while working part time for Rothenbuhler Engineering Company and later the Boeing Aircraft Company, Minuteman Division.

After earning a BSEE degree, Jim accepted the position as Chief Engineer at Rothenbuhler Engineering Company, a leading manufacturer of control and communications systems for the very demanding logging industry; then he moved to that same position at Sesco, Inc., a supplier of automated equipment for the radio broadcast industry; and served as both head of engineering and head of the manufacturing division for CTA, Incorporated, one of the first private corporations to compete with the deregulated Bell Telephone Industries.

About Herrin Design and Manufacturing

In 1975, shortly after the Carter Decision allowed private companies to compete within the Telecommunications Industry Jim started Herrin Design and Manufacturing Company in Seattle, Washington with a contract to provide components for one of the first privately produced telephone and intercom systems in the United States.

In 1982 Herrin Design contracted with Hazen Tide Gauge, International to complete the design of Hazen's Model HTG5000 Tide Gauge, a telecommunications-linked tide monitoring system that became the industry standard for dredgers and ocean surveyors.

From 1982 until Frank Hazen's death in 2002, Herrin Design manufactured the Model 5000 Tide Gauge. Today, Herrin Design manufactures its own modern tide gauge, the Model HD3011, and provides service for the hundreds of Hazen Model 5000 gauges still in use.

Because of the company's experience with water levels and pressure gauges, in 1991 Herrin Design was consulted by Rothenbuhler Engineering Company on the design of a system to monitor and control water levels in tanks and reservoirs. As a result, Rothenbuhler Engineering developed the Model 1644 Well Control. In 1998 Herrin Design was granted rights to the Model 1644 and assumed responsibility for manufacturing and marketing.

In addition to manufacturing and marketing its own products, Herrin Design presently manufactures private label products for companies in such diverse fields as automatic photo processing, equipment failure analysis, highway sanding and right-of-way vegetation spraying, and agricultural sorting and processing equipment.

Herrin Design and Manufacturing celebrated its fortieth anniversary in April of 2015.


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